5 May 2016


Today we had a long ride out on our bikes.  The first leg is mostly downhill and it was wonderful to be bowling along with very little effort, admiring the countryside.  I saw some movement in a ditch ahead and was thrilled when a young deer leapt out in front of us before bounding across the road and up into the woodland on the opposite side.  Just further on we passed a van with two middle aged men standing by it looking a bit shifty.  They barely responded to our cheery “Bonjour”.  Then we saw the giveaway bright orange cap of a hunter crouched down in the corner of a field.  I might be wrong but I believe hunting is illegal at this time of year so I felt really pleased that our youngster had escaped their guns.

The cycling was pleasant today, warm sunshine and not too much wind. After the first 14 kms it was a climb for the majority of the ride home, another 14 kms.  Living on a hill I am always uncomfortably aware that there is a steep hill to negotiate at the end of a ride.  ‘Scramble Hill’, as I have named the really steep piece of track in the forest, is a killer.  I am gasping for breath and hardly able to stay on my bike by the time I get to the top and then there is a wonderful free wheel back down through the trees bouncing over the rough ground, holding on for dear life and trying to avoid pot holes.   Back out onto hard surface road and then another long climb to the house.  Phew!  I was ready for my cake and coffee by the time we got back.


  1. One of my favourite routes was down to Sauveterre, then back along the valley road. Outwards was wonderful, the final return a nightmare. My exercise now comes in the form of swimming.

  2. Well they were wearing the proper fluorescent hats for hunting. In England you can hunt muntjacs all year round. I have one visit me every night, in the garden that is, and I call it my baby. Peter threatens to shoot it and then I get all protective. I watch it grazing through the French doors. I have given up cycling - too dangerous around here.

    1. Young deer definitely have the cuteness factor, just wish they would leave my peach trees alone.