31 May 2016

If You Go Down To The Woods Today

You never know what you're going to find on a walk through the chestnut woods but you can be sure you will find some sort of rusty old relic languishing in the undergrowth. 


Paul couldn't resist a closer inspection of this big red tractor, temporarily parked or just abandoned among the trees.

Beautiful old cart slowly rotting away.

Beehives are scattered throughout the chestnut woods - wise not to get too close.  The bees collect the chestnut nectar to make a rich, dark honey.

Why take your old car to the scrapyard when you can just dump it in the woods?


  1. Shame about the cart. It looks gorgeous. Shame the woods are spoilt too. I guess it's too inconvenient for some people to dispose of things the proper way. The car may have been stolen though and dumped. Unlikely with the tractor but perhaps also a joyrider.

  2. Most of the forests and woodland in these parts are beautifully managed and maintained. It's just small areas where you can find this stuff, it's customary for vehicles or farm machinery to be abandoned on the spot where they were last used.

    1. So their Mummy just used to collect up their dirty clothes, shoes and toys and the habit has continued!

  3. I still know one or two places like this; houses abandoned as if someone just walked out one day and didn't return.