6 May 2016

Windy Days

I don’t like windy days, they unsettle me.  I went outside to do some strimming around my Folly (only one casualty today from my manic handling – a Californian poppy) but the grass was blowing everywhere so I came indoors.  I did some baking, another batch of glorious apple cakes.  They rose beautifully this time but don’t taste as good as the sunken ones.  I cleaned some windows.  Just one of those days when I can’t settle.

I see that the Natural Environment Research Council have named their new ship Sir David Attenborough instead of Boaty McBoatface.  I have huge respect for David Attenborough but I rather liked Boaty McBoatface.

rescued poppy


  1. Is it too soon for the petunias in the window boxes? Can we last any longer without de-frosting the deepfreeze? While the most obvious to me is that the windows really need cleaning. Of the three we went off to the garden centre. The strimmer is in bits and I had to hack some of the grass with the hedge shears.

  2. Garden centre sounds like the best choice to me.

  3. The Mistral has come north west. I've had to cover my tomato plants with tiles to stop them being blown over. Attenborough is a cop-out; of course it should have been Boaty McBoatface.

  4. I think that other ships in the same line of duty were named after Polar explorers, this new one is like calling the large new passeenger liner the Queen Beyoncé.