12 May 2016

Do you reckon they can stitch fingers back on these days?

“What is your mobile ‘phone doing in the fridge?”
“It’s a spirit level.”
“No, it’s your 'phone.”
“Yes, I’m using it as a spirit level.”
“That’s a clever ‘phone!
“No, it’s a smart ‘phone.”
Is there anything you can’t do with a smart ‘phone these days?

The hinge on our fridge door broke recently.  It’s an integrated one that we installed about ten years ago.  We checked on-line to see how much a new refrigerator would cost.  Good grief I could buy a new car for that.  After some investigation we discovered we could buy a pair of replacement hinges from Amazon France.  It was going to cost 70 euros and would take a month for delivery.  Then we found the same hinges available on Amazon UK for 25 euros and one week delivery.  How crazy is that?

The hinges arrived yesterday by post from Amazon UK so Paul wrestled with the fridge door for an hour or two this morning. He needed the spirit level to ensure everything was, er, level. The hinges were fearsome, they were so tightly sprung he almost lost his fingers.  The fridge door closed rather like Arkwright’s till that put Granville’s fingers at risk in Open All Hours.
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After some adjustments the fridge door now closes like a dream.


  1. My phone is not so smart. It doesn't know whats good for it. Telling me it's time for a 2k run is not in its best interest.

    1. Sounds like you've got your own built in personal trainer. Do you run every day?

  2. Our phone is so clever that I, who am not, really don't know how to use it, in two years I've made two calls and received one - that I know about.
    Darty wanted €70 for a camera battery (plus delivery time). Got two for €5 including postage from PRC via eBay.

    1. I really only use mine for WhatsApp-ing friends and family.

  3. My son has a thingy on his phone that when you point it at a plane, it tells you ALL about it. I think he only ever uses it to show others how wonderful it is!

    1. I wish there was an app to change the weather.