25 May 2016


Big Trug

Carved Mushroom

This giant trug was the splendid centrepiece for the town's Felibree celebrations a few years ago. At that time it was filled it with carved wooden mushrooms (this area is renowned for its mushrooms and chestnuts). Now it stands next to a roundabout as you approach the bastide town, empty apart from one forlorn mushroom.

This little trug is one that I bought recently at a car boot for two euros.

Little Trug

I was happily picking the strawberries this morning when I realised that I could only see half the strawberry bed.  The tell tale kaleidoscope pattern obscuring my vision signaled a sudden migraine.  I rarely get this type of headache but find it most peculiar because the headache doesn't start until about half an hour later, after the visual disturbance has subsided. 

"Take some tablets."
"No, my head isn't hurting, I just can't see properly."

Half an hour later.  "Where is the panadol?"

I think I'll just have to lie down in a darkened room for the rest of the day.


  1. Not nice; I hope the migraine has left you by now.
    Sue, you look very good (and fit!) in the picture.
    I'm enjoying your blog.
    Greeting Maria x

  2. Just back from Leclerc Fumel; plenty of petrol, no queues.

    I've just been reading about a new headband for migraine sufferers, I think they said it costs £250.

    1. Fortunately I don't suffer too badly and Panadol works fine (and it's cheaper!).

  3. My mother used to get migraines and disappear to bed for three days. She would then take another three days to fully recover. I have never had one and feel extremely lucky that I did not inherit them from her. I hope you do not suffer for so long as she did.

    1. I only get these sort of attacks about once a year. The visual disturbance is a bit scary but I can cope with the headache which only lasts a few hours. I know some people suffer terribly with migraine.

  4. I hope you are better by now.