17 May 2016

Take two a day with water

Paul, my far better half, is a keen amateur gardener.  He is happiest when he can be outside messing around in the garden.  He is also keen to try out any new ideas that he hears about.  We’ve had the wormery (let’s not go there), the home made nettle fertiliser (oh the stink), green manure, etc.

We went to the chemist a few weeks ago and Paul bought a large packet of cheap aspirin.  “What have you bought those for, they are huge and impossible to swallow.”

“It doesn’t matter, they are for the plants.”

“Why, have they got a headache?”

Apparently a crushed aspirin in water (one pill to one gallon) and then used as a spray helps plants to fight infection and stay alive during traumatic plant experiences like transplanting, cutting, cloning, or zombie attacks. He has already used it on the roses, tomato plants and an ailing hydrangea with excellent results.

 “The salicylic acid in aspirin can induce specific changes in root, stem, and leaf structure that create more robust plants. It can also help fruits and vegetables grow bigger and stronger. It will help your plants resist disease, insects, and hailstorms.”

The only part of the garden Paul doesn’t interfere with is my Folly.  Except for the Californian poppies.  I am trying to eradicate them from this area because they overwhelm all my dainty rockery plants.  But Paul loves their gaudy orange colour and sabotages my attempts to control them by scattering poppy seeds everywhere.

An invasion of orange poppies
Red Admiral

Californian Poppy (a beautiful colour I have to admit)


  1. My plants (vegs) don't get the luxury of Aspirin when being transplanted; just a damn good talking to!

    1. I hope you don't shout too loud, you might hurt their feelings.

  2. Those poppies are beautiful!! I don't blame Paul one bit for scattering more seeds! ;) And how funny is it that plants are healthier when taking aspirin?!

    1. Works for cut flowers in a vase too.