15 February 2020


I haven’t blogged for quite a while now.  Life is a bit quiet at the moment and some days it’s just hard to think of something new to write about.  I’m perfectly happy with this quiet life.  It probably wouldn’t suit a lot of people but I like my routines, I enjoy being in my new home and I like being part of a village community.  Perhaps it’s a sign that I’m getting old!

This wild weather keeps us indoors except for when we battle the elements to take Rick out for his twice daily walk.  This afternoon it started to rain as we turned for home and Rick set off at a trot, not at all interested in sniffing every blade of grass or drinking from the puddles.  He wanted to be back indoors.

It was wine, pâté and freshly baked bread for lunch.  We are really missing the delicious pâté we used to buy in tins in France.  Pâté in the UK seems to come in jars or packets with a limited shelf life.  So when we spotted a tin of pâté on the Polish shelf in Tesco we thought we would give it a try.  We opened it today and, well, it was perfectly palatable but tasted more like Spam than anything else.

The crusty bread was delicious but maybe a bit too crusty, Paul lost a filling.  Looks like next week won’t be so quiet -  a trip to the dentist, a trip to the vet for Rick’s annual jabs, a bowls match for Paul, coffee morning,  quiz night on Thursday and dance class on Friday.  Hectic!