15 November 2021

Technical Problems

Anyone else having problems making comments?  At the moment I am unable to make comments on other people's blogs or reply to those made on mine.

Not sure if the problem is with blogger or my computer.  In the meantime I apologise for ignoring everyone!  Hopefully normal service will resume soon. 

14 November 2021

Quiet Sunday


I took Rick out for a stroll around the village this afternoon; Paul usually does the later walk but we swapped today as he has got a virtual cycle race this afternoon.


The sky looked a bit threatening in the distance but we had blue sky and sunshine to accompany our walk.  The village was very quiet and Rick and I had the lanes to ourselves.  He totally ignored the sheep in the field, I don’t think he realises that he is a sheep dog.


There was no activity at the farm today, they have been very busy all week cutting and harvesting the maize fields.

When I got home I fetched the washing in from the garden that I had hung out to dry just after breakfast.  I don’t know why I bother at this time of year, it felt just as damp as when I put it out.  It is now elegantly draped over the horse in the garden room.