31 March 2021

Junk Mail


Junk mail is a bit annoying at the best of times but this morning’s selection that plopped through the letter box was a grim reminder that I’m getting old.  I’m not sure how direct marketing companies choose their target recipients but I’m really not ready for this …


funeral plans, incontinence pads and residential homes


I made the most of this lovely warm weather earlier, the forecast is for cooler weather tomorrow.  Fetched myself a cold beer and stretched out on my lounger on the terrace to enjoy the sunshine.  Rick thought it was a good idea and decided to join me.  He's quite heavy for a small dog.

29 March 2021

Windy Monday


It is a warm and sunny day with blue skies but the wind is atrocious; it seems to be a constant factor at the moment.  Even with the warmer temperatures we will not be venturing out on our bikes just yet.


The electrician is here today to change some wiring so I have escaped to the garden room away from the noise and disruption.  The sliding patio doors are open and I am able to enjoy the fresh air without the wind.  Paul has moved the tubs of daffodils up to the window so that we can see them dancing in the breeze.  I ventured outside earlier to play ball with Rick and check out the new planting.  It was a relief to step inside the warm greenhouse after being buffeted by the wind.

Over the weekend I helped Paul remove the wallpaper from Kat’s room.  It was a horrid job although there is a certain kind of gratification when a whole piece of wet wallpaper slides away from the wall in one piece.  After the electrician completes his work today Paul will be able to finish painting the walls and then I will be able to have some fun dressing the room again.

pretty wallpaper once upon a time but it is time for a change


scraping wallpaper

Just wish this bloody wind would go away.


25 March 2021

Sydney Australia


This is the view from Sarah’s balcony in Sydney showing the city centre and CBD (Central Business District) where she works.  Her commute from home takes her about fifteen minutes on the train.  She took the photograph with her phone and then did some artful editing; I think it’s quite a stunning shot.

A few years ago I had a meal in the revolving restaurant that you can see perched at the top of the tower; the views were spectacular.

Sarah (my eldest daughter) lives in Newtown, a lively, bohemian district with lots of bars, music and eateries.  A very different environment to rural Wiltshire where she was born and bred.

early morning commute


20 March 2021

You Can Never Have Too Many Plants


The garden fence project is complete and the bedroom curtains are finished apart from their hems.

Paul and I went to the local garden centre to buy a rambling rose and honeysuckle to climb up the metal arch.  Of course we ended up buying much more than that; we were like kids in a sweet shop.  We ended up with three different ornamental grasses, a bamboo plant, fern, yucca, sea holly, hebe and thyme.  Oh, not forgetting the Sambucus Black Tower, a very pretty black elder with pink flowers.  They are all planted up but it will take a year or two for them to mature and blend in with the hurdles.  We also moved a euonymus from another part of the garden into the new bed and transferred a couple of sneaky foxgloves.



I can’t hang the new curtains until Kat’s bedroom has been decorated so I can’t show them off yet.  I’ve also bought some co-ordinating fabric to make a headboard for the bed.  This room is going to be so fabulous that I might have to claim it as my own.  Not sure if it will be to Kat’s taste but it’s my house so she doesn’t really get a say!  In the meantime I have been emptying her wardrobe so that Paul can move it for decorating.  Kat, why do you have so many clothes?




14 March 2021

On your marks, get set, go!


The house and garden projects are underway.  The curtain fabric is cut and pattern matched, some seams have been sewn.  Meanwhile, in the garden, Paul has put up the willow hurdles and fixed the metal archway in place.  



I think the garden project will be finished before my curtains.  Not that we are competing against each!