5 February 2022

Cold February


There’s not much to write about in February; I tend to hibernate when it’s cold and grey outside.  Earlier in the week I celebrated my birthday by staying at home and drinking Prosecco and eating garlic prawns instead of joining the coffee morning group at the village hall.  That says a lot about me I suppose.

I ventured out yesterday for my weekly dance session.  I have just about mastered the Bossa Nova but I'm not too sure about the new Night Fever routine they want to introduce.  We don't take this dancing too seriously though and we have a lot of laughs.

It’s a bitterly cold day, I think the wind must be coming from the north east.  I literally marched Rick around the village early this morning, not wanting to pause and get cold.

When I got home I immediately set about cleaning the oven.  It’s a job I have been putting off for months because I hate doing it.  I use a sodium hydroxide cleaner that is fearfully corrosive but cleans like magic and means I don’t have to spend ages scrubbing with a brillo pad.  I was very safety conscious and togged up with double rubber gloves and glasses to protect my eyes.


The result is very pleasing.  A clean and shiny oven. I might just do a quick Bossa Nova around the kitchen!