29 June 2020

Feeling GIddy

I know I'm not supposed to be up here...

I had a strange giddy spell last evening.  I can’t blame it on the wine because I’d only had one glass but every time I moved my head just a fraction I felt dizzy and couldn’t keep my balance.  I staggered off to bed early and couldn’t even manage to read my book.  I kept my head very still and eventually fell asleep.  When I awoke this morning everything was back to normal so I expect it was a temporary disturbance of my balance sensors.  I hope it doesn’t come back, it was very unpleasant.

I was going to have a quiet day but somehow it’s turned out quite busy.  I took Rick out for his early morning walk.  The wind had blown over all the raspberry tubs so I picked them up and relocated them in a more sheltered spot.  It didn’t work, they got blown over again.  I stripped the bed and put a load of washing on.  Pottered about in the garden dead-heading roses and trimming some bushes in the driveway but it hasn’t really been a day for being outside.  Paul presented me with some salvia flowers that had been broken by the wind, I added them to the vase full of other garden casualties.  I washed some lettuce and boiled some beetroot, we are going to have a chicken salad for dinner tonight.  The chicken breasts are currently marinading in a garlic and herb concoction I threw together.

Rick has now been out for his second walk of the day and is fast asleep on his rug.  He doesn’t like being outside when it’s windy, I think the noise of the trees makes him nervous.  Our supermarket delivery is due shortly, it is very efficient and making us quite lazy.  We often used this method of shopping in the past when the children were young and we were both working full time but Paul is one of those people who love wandering around the supermarket aisles so eventually we will return to our pre-lockdown method of shopping.

Ah, the shopping has arrived.

27 June 2020

Windy Day

The wind is gusting this afternoon and causing some damage in the garden.  The lupins and foxgloves were completely snapped off.  I don't often pick flowers from the garden but I gathered a few roses and a hydrangea head to keep them company in the vase.

Our apple and plum trees are laden with unripe fruit at the moment, I fear that this wind will break a few branches.  Well that's nature and the weather isn't it?

26 June 2020

Stormy Weather

stormy sky above Lincolnshire

Beautiful sunny weather but the heat is quite stifling.  We have air con but it doesn’t extend to the bedroom so last night I left the door open to keep the room cool.  I slept well but the open door allowed the morning light in so I was wide awake at 5.00 a.m.  I decided to get up at 6.00 and take Rick out for a very early walk.  It was nice to be out so early to escape the heat of the day.  We didn’t see a single soul, the village was still asleep.

After breakfast Paul and I squeezed into our lycra and set off on our bikes.  We cycled alongside the River Ancholme; the track is a bit bumpy and potholed but it's a pleasant ride.  Ahead of us we saw a vehicle moving very slowly along the track.  It wasn't until we got abreast of it we realised that this was someone's method of walking their dog.  The poor animal was running alongside the car on a lead while the owner drove along the track.

As we rode I noticed the sky getting darker and it looked like a storm was closing in on us.  Paul wasn’t concerned by this but I decided that it would be wise to cut our ride short and head home.  I love watching storms from the safety of my home but I’m not too keen on being outside in the midst of thunder, lightning and rain.  We got caught out by two very big storms in Australia and I would never want to repeat that experience!

As it happened the dark skies didn’t materialise into anything.  Well I can’t be right all the time.

23 June 2020

Opium Fields of Lincolnshire

super cyclist in action

This morning we cycled north as far as Scawby and then turned west over the A15 towards Messingham, before heading home through Kirton Lindsey and Redbourne.  A round trip of about 40 kms.  On the outskirts of Redbourne I noticed an unusual crop in the fields – pale lilac poppies!  There must be a lot of opium dens in Lincolnshire!  Apparently they are grown for the pharmaceutical industry to make morphine.  I had never seen them grown as a crop like this before.

Of course I couldn’t resist a photo opportunity (I always used to make my young daughters pose in sunflower fields in France).  It didn’t really work, it looks like I’m crouching down having a wee!

I will leave you will some photos of poppies in my garden.

red poppy
mauve poppy

furry puppy

20 June 2020

18 June 2020

Mr Toad

the toad is that dark blob just before the driveway on the right
It was raining cats and dogs this morning when I took Rick out for his walk.  The water was streaming down Washdyke Lane.  A toad suddenly hopped out in front of us.  I tried to get a close shot with my camera but Rick had also spotted the toad and was intent on trying to jump on it.  As I wrestled with an excited dog and my camera phone, his lead became entangled around my legs and almost sent me toppling.   I put my phone away and we sploshed on down the lane giving Mr Toad a wide berth.

As there was no one foolish enough (apart from Rick and me) to be out in the pouring rain I stopped and picked some cherries off the trees in the Avenue.  I think they are wild cherries, smaller than the cultivated version but perfectly sweet and edible. 

Rick giving some wild eye (he actually loves being dried off with his towel)

I think the sunshine will be back for the weekend.

16 June 2020

Cycling and Television

We cycled north this morning, it was a bit murky and misty but with no wind so we were able to get some good average speeds.  My knee has been feeling a lot stronger so we have been going further afield.  By the time we get home it’s time for coffee and then potter about in the garden.  The cloud has been clearing mid morning and turning into hot, sunny days. Yesterday we had lunch outside on the terrace.  Eating outside is always more relaxed and laid back.  Tomorrow Alex, the plumber, is coming to service our heating boiler so we won’t be cycling.

Brandy Wharf

We have been watching quite a bit of television during this lockdown.  With Netflix, Now TV and Freeview there is plenty to choose from.   We recently enjoyed two good French dramas -  Philharmonia and Maman a Tort by Walter Presents.  They were French but with English sub titles.  Currently we are watching Chernobyl (very disturbing) and The Salisbury Poisonings.  Salisbury was our home for many years so we have a particular connection with the city.  We’ve practically given up watching the news briefings, they are just too tedious and depressing.  The country will come out of lockdown and we won’t even know about it!

Three years ago today we adopted a scruffy but gorgeous dog from the rescue centre in Cahors, happy Gotcha Day Rick!