27 December 2022

Over Indulgence


Mince pie and a glass of sherry, Christmas music, smoked salmon and prawns and a glass or two of sparkling bubbles, roast turkey with all the trimmings followed by plum pudding (accompanied by a glass or two of red wine), Christmas films and a few more drinks pretty much sums up my Christmas day. We had a Skype session half way through dinner with Kat and Craig; they had the day off and were waiting to go out for a meal with their squadron in sunny Cyprus.

I was, of course, busy in the kitchen in the morning but everything went very smoothly. So it should when you consider the number of turkeys I've cooked over the years. I wouldn't have it any other way; I've spent two or three Christmasses away from home and it's never felt quite right for me.

Boxing Day was another day of eating and drinking, I made Bubble and Squeak from the leftover vegetables (I adore eating this stuff) which I served with cold turkey and ham. When Paul served up sausage rolls and gyozas in the evening I had to decline, I just couldn't eat another crumb. No more wine for me either.

Now there is a lull before the New Year arrives and then hopefully Sarah will get the keys to Rose Cottage on the 3rd January and we will be busy helping her move and set up home.

22 December 2022

Beginning to feel like Christmas


I baked another Whisky Dundee cake yesterday. It was more successful than the last one, lighter and less dense. Not that I should be eating any more cake, my smart scales informed me this morning that my weight was up by half a kilogram. They also told me my muscle and fat mass, water % and that the weather was going to be cloudy with rain showers. I'm not joking.

I did some foraging in the garden this morning to make a Christmas table decoration. I started with a Yankee candle in the centre and then just added bits of greenery, rosemary, rose hips and fir cones. I dried some orange slices earlier in the week and managed to save a few pieces before Paul ate them. I was quite pleased with the result, nothing too fancy or sophisticated but enough to add a bit of Christmas cheer to the table. Hopefully it won't catch fire when I light the candle!

15 December 2022


Horse has been painted and now joins the other motley crew of bronzed figures on the shelf.  I think I need to do some culling in the New Year.

It's the village Christmas Quiz tonight but we shall have to give it a miss as Paul is unwell. Testing negative for Covid but he has clearly picked up a bug from somewhere.  Hopefully he will recover quickly and be able to enjoy the Christmas festivities.

13 December 2022

Oh Christmas Tree


I asked for a small tree this year but Paul and Sarah came home with a seven footer; I decided to put it up in the hallway this year; it's quite dark and Narnia like against the woodland background.  Apart from the tree and a wreath by the front door I am not doing any other Christmas decorations.

So nice to have Sarah at home again this Christmas.  This time last year we were on tenterhooks wondering if she would manage to get a flight home from Oz and pass all the Covid checks.  It's just a shame that Kat can't be here with us but we shall celebrate with her when she gets some leave in late January.

Rick helped Sarah decorate the tree.  He is good at things like that.  (Rick is the one on the right.)

12 December 2022



Saturday before the fog arrived

There is widespread snow across the country but none of the white stuff in Lincolnshire, just freezing fog. Sunday was Paul's birthday and he wanted to go out for lunch to an eatery on the banks of the Humber Estuary. Usually there are wonderful views across the river but yesterday there was just a total cold blanket of fog with fingers of white mist curling up across the embankment wall, quite spooky really. I had volunteered to drive home but the fog was so thick I accepted Sarah's offer to take the wheel, her young eyesight is better than mine in those conditions.

On Saturday I baked a Whisky Dundee Cake, something I traditionally do at Christmas time. I think I must have added the eggs too quickly but something went wrong and the mixture curdled instead of going creamy and fluffy. The cake tastes okay but a bit chewy, when I dropped a piece it bounced straight back onto my plate. I think I might have invented a new game!

8 December 2022

Skinny 'Orse

Sorry to disappoint you all but it's not a Rampant Rick or a Reindeer.  It's a Skinny 'Orse!


'Orse is skinny and has a stumpy tail because I ran out of clay.  And his head has dropped.    Maybe he will look better after I've painted him.  More mule than thoroughbred I think.

7 December 2022

Cold Moon


I trod very carefully when I took Rick out this morning, it was frosty and icy and I didn't want to slip over. We went out very early and it was barely light but I was rewarded by the most glorious moon set. It was an enormous orange and red globe just disappearing behind the horizon. Apparently it's a Full Cold Moon tonight.

I've been using up the remainder of the clay that was left over from the King's Head. Here are some teaser photos. Unfortunately my latest creation has been compromised because I have run out of clay. There is a danger that my home is going to be full of misshapen, rather dodgy looking sculptures but at least they are unique.

All will be revealed soon.

1 December 2022



Sarah is driving all the way to Nottingham tonight for a concert.

"I'm going to see the Who."

"What, with Roger Daltrey?"


"Yes, the Who.  You know, they sang Pinball Wizard and My Generation."

"No, not the Who, the Hu."

"Who are the Hu?"

"They are a Mongolian Rock Band."

"Ah, I see.  Not Roger Daltrey then."

"No mum."

So I googled the Hu and found this -  The Hu is a Mongolian folk metal band formed in 2016. With traditional Mongolian instrumentation, including the Morin khuur, the Tovshuur, and Mongolian throat singing, the band calls their style of music "hunnu rock", hu inspired by the Hunnu, an ancient Mongol/Turkic empire, known as Hünnü in Mongolia. Wikipedia

There you have it.  Sounds quite intriguing; I would have gone with her but it's a standing audience only.