21 May 2016

Too Much Wine

A hot, sunny day so we were out early on our bikes.  (I need to work on my cycling style as Paul says my feet stick out when I pedal.)

We rode out to Besse.  This is the view of the church before you drop down into the village.

This ornate metal cross depicting the Virgin Mary is at the side of the road just before entering the village.  A pretty rose bush has been planted next to it, the blooms matching almost exactly the flowers on the painted garland.

We had lunch outside on the terrace today.  We drank far too much wine.  It's too hot to write a blog so I will just post some more photos of the garden. Tonight they have forecast a big storm and rain tomorrow.

Tonight's storm will probably wreck these blooms

Herb garden.  I love sprinkling chive flowers over salads.


  1. That looks like a tiny corner of heaven! Years of hard work is paying you back.
    Greetings Maria x

    1. It rained all day in this corner of heaven!

  2. It is like being permanently on holiday, your life. How do you cope with that mentally? I don't think I could do it.

  3. That rain was quite something. As usual I went to Frayssinet for my bread, and just as I arrived it POURED. I had to stay in the car or I might have drowned.

  4. You would have been swept away...