14 May 2016

A Walk in the Woods

It was misty and murky this morning so I decided to fill out my on line  tax self assessment form.  What a fiasco!  How can you fill in boxes that don't appear on screen?

The sun came out after lunch so I decided to let off steam by taking a wander through the woods.  I wanted to find some fir cones to add to my fernery (my latest project).  I saw the elusive pine marten, a weasel like animal, but I wasn't quick enough with my camera.  Luckily the wild flowers and butterflies didn't move so fast.
Common White Orchid

Common Pink Orchid

 Pyramid Orchid

Scarce Swallowtail (despite being common) or Le Flambé 
Bee Orchid

Don't know what this guy feeding on Speedwell is called - any suggestions?

Wild Violet

 I felt much more relaxed by the time I got home.



  1. If I could find wild flowers like this in our hedgerow at the moment I would also feel more relaxed, but up North here it is still far too cold.

    1. It's been a cooler than usual Spring here this year so everything is a bit late.

  2. It is going to be 40c here to day, the end of the wild flowers for the summer.

  3. Just seen a small Blue Butterfly in the orchard.

    1. Those little blue guys are very pretty.