30 May 2016

Off The Wall

This metal plaque on our barn wall is an old fire insurance mark. These metal plaques were used in the eighteenth and nineteenth century to signify to the local fire brigade that the property was insured.  Each respective insurance company was identified by its own particular emblem embossed upon the plaque.  Ours shows La Paternelle, a company dating back to 1843.

The plaque is fixed to the beam of the original doorway.  You can see the outline of a much larger opening than the present day door, probably to accommodate farm carts or horses.

These yellow socks (early 21st century) are part of my floor polishing kit.  Great exercise and the bathroom tiles are left gleaming.

It’s been raining all morning.


  1. Will that be the front door of the daughter annex or would the middle door be better? :-P

  2. Middle door would be better!!!

  3. I think i shall try your floor polishing method,what a briliant idea.