10 May 2016

More Before and After Photos

Our house is a typical dwelling for a small farm in this region of France where the ground floor was used as a store, a wine cellar or a workshop. 

The ground floor of our house was clearly used as a workshop and possibly a forge for the farmer.  You can see the old forge bellows and the fruit press. We used the bellows as a coffee table for many years until I got fed up of bashing my shins on the nozzle.  Access to the living quarters on the first floor was previously gained by the external stone staircase.

Same view, now with internal stairs installed leading to the first floor.

Another view of this room showing the open fireplace in the background.  We kept the barrel for many years until it finally disintegrated. Some of the ladders and tools are still kept in the barn (otherwise known as Paul's Man Cave).

Office area fits nicely into the fireplace alcove.  I still have to clean up after the odd soot fall.


  1. Great conversion using the nooks, fireplaces and crannies to make a lovely home. Why our French neighbours appear to prefer square/oblongs with no character I do not know. What is the joy of a Lego bungalow?

    1. Our French neighbours live in a Lego bungalow, she loves it, he doesn't. Easy to maintain and keep clean though.

  2. Our before and after photos look all look like 'before'; we really must tidy up.

  3. If I had moved in with P we would probably have distempered (as in paint) it out and moved a bed into the corner near the fireplace. Fortunately everything had been done here so we didn't have to cross that bridge of thinking. You have got a great home there Sue.