3 November 2022

Prodigal Daughter


Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I cannot truly believe that my eldest daughter has returned home after 13 years away in Australia. Sarah came home last Christmas for a couple of weeks, flew back to Sydney and then shortly afterwards announced that she wanted to return to the UK. In March she packed up all her worldly possessions and came back to her family - older, emotionally bruised and slightly cynical but still the wacky, zany Sarah that we loved and had missed so much. 

It's not been easy for her since she returned home. Lincolnshire is new territory for all of us and she has no friends or family network in the local area. But gradually she is getting to know people and is re-building her life as a confident and independent young woman. She has sold her house in Wiltshire and is in the throws of buying her dream cottage in a small village about 10 minutes drive from here. 

She's doing okay and it's so good to have her back.




  1. Sarah is calling her own shots and making a good life. In my book, strong women rule and have my utmost respect. Buying her dream home is a fantastic accomplishment. Congratulations to Sarah. Sue, you must be very proud of Sarah.

    1. She is very keen to be independent and resilient.

  2. Good to hear from you again Sue.
    Pleased to hear that Sarah is building a new life and will soon be living in her dream home, and near to you.
    Those are killer heels!

  3. It's great to hear that Sarah is building a new life and that she will be living close to you. Lovely to hear from you too.