2 May 2018

Templar Valley

Today we went for one of our favourite walks along the ancient Templar Valley. After all the recent rain we thought the wells and springs would be flowing with some force.  It was a beautiful, sunny morning with butterflies and dragonflies darting around as we walked through the woodland, the dappled sunlight randomly highlighting the ferns and wild flowers. It's such a magical place. However, even after all the recent rain it was more a case of babbling brook rather than raging torrents of water.

wild orchid


water-loving yellow iris


  1. What a beautiful place,no wonder Rick looks so happy.

  2. Lovely spot. The last time we went, it was bone dry!

    1. It's the first time we've seen it with the water running. I expected more flow after all that rain.

  3. Inspite of all the rain we have had I'd rather like to have a paddle in that clear, stone bottomed stream. I might be able to encourage our dog in as well.