7 May 2018


Every Spring we plant up pots with geraniums and lobelia to brighten up the old wooden pillars of the open barn in the courtyard.  This year we couldn't do this, knowing that we might have to return to the UK for a period of time.  In the height of summer the pots need watering on a daily basis and it would be very sad to return here to find the plants had all perished.

The pillars looked very bare without the pots so we have decided to plant some ferns to add a bit of colour.  The plants will be in the shade for most of the day so I'm hoping they will do well but only time will tell if they will thrive. 



  1. I notice that Rick managed to photo-bomb the ferny picture. He's such a diva.

  2. A bit of greenery looks as good as colour - hope they survive the heat.

  3. I was thinking how advanced your grapes were, but I presume the top picture was from another year. Possible storms today; we need the rain!

    1. Yes, that was taken a couple of summers ago. Felibree weather today!