3 August 2018

G'day Rick

G’day Rick, it’s your old cousin Buddy here.  How you doing?  I hear it’s pretty hot over there at the moment, freezing here in Sydney at 24 degrees.

Got to tell you about my wheels!  Mom has bought me a snazzy cart to get around in.  I’m not sure it’s flash enough to pull any bitches but I’ve been having trouble with arthritis in my bad leg.  So it’s more mobility scooter than hot rod supercar.

I think I actually look more of a dude riding in the shopping trolley at Bunnings.  I love riding on those travelators.

I’ve also been experimenting with a bit of cross dressing, you know how it is.  I rather fancy myself in this tiara but Mom said I looked like a pig-in-a-blanket in the striped number.  I know you’re not a city dog so you won’t appreciate these finer points of fashion.

I hear you’ve been chasing joggers down the hill.  Let me give you a tip, bare your teeth and go for the ankles, they really hate that. 

Got to go now, my walker is due at any moment.  Wonder if I can get her to go a bit faster with the wheels...



  1. He looks quite the Dude in his Paul Newman style denim jacket.

  2. Oh I loved this! Glad to see Buddy again!
    Greetings Maria x

  3. Ha! I just love Buddy. He looks so stylish in the tiara!

  4. He is soooo cute!! Love the outfits. It has been so hot here, when we're not having hailstorms! My GD has a big 80lb. golden doodle who actually burnt his front paws on the pavement!! He had to have cream put on and wear socks. He could have used a BIG stroller!!

  5. How old is Buddy now? I am sorry to learn that he suffers from arthritis.

    1. Sarah's not sure what his age is because he was a rescue dog. Not a youngster though.

  6. Now Rick, don't get ideas above your station. You are quite capable of walking by yourself.