7 August 2018

Fishnet Stockings

damaged mesh

A package arrived a few days ago addressed to Paul containing a roll of black fabric.

“Are you planning to make some fishnet stockings?” I asked.
“No, it’s for fixing Rick’s kennel.  But if there’s any left over...”

Rick gets on very well with his travelling kennel and behaves perfectly on long journeys.  Mesh windows at the front and side allow ventilation and give him a view of the road.  But just occasionally he will see an Eddie Stobart lorry and go absolutely berserk, biting at the fabric mesh.  One of the holes in the mesh is now big enough for him to squeeze his head through.

This morning I sat outside on the terrace and started the repair work.  The daylight outside made it easier to work with the black material but as the morning progressed the wind got up, an impending storm.  Leaves from the hazelnut tree started to rain down on me so I gave up and moved indoors.  It’s a tricky job fixing the mesh to the zip window.  I’ve finished tacking it, tomorrow I shall do battle with the sewing machine.  It won’t be easy fitting a kennel under the sewing presser foot.

I hope Rick appreciates what I’m doing.  He’ll probably rip it apart the first time we go out.


new mesh in place


  1. Replies
    1. That's exactly what I keep asking Rick.

    2. Frustrated that he can't get to read the girls names on the lorries through the net.

  2. Will be difficult with the sewing machine. I would probably have been tempted to glue it with Copydex or similar.

    1. That would probably have been easier.

  3. Good team work; Rick bites, Paul buys and Sue fixes.
    Greetings Maria x