30 April 2018

Well, well, well

From my kitchen window I have a lovely view looking out across the vineyard and to the woods beyond.  But pan slightly to the right and I have a less scenic view of Philippe’s well.  This well originally belonged to our house but the previous owners sold it to Philippe.  Over winter he has installed a pump so that he can irrigate his potager.

Next door is another well and ancient lavoir (wash house) belonging to Monique, Philippe’s sister.  This well also has a pump that has its own stone housing that is built in the local style; the roof has been replaced in recent years but the stonework is marked 1895. 

the old lavoir where women of the hamlet once did the laundry
Monique's well

Farmer Hichard has a more traditional looking well in his garden. Most of the dwellings in the hamlet have their own water source although we are all linked to a mains water supply.


  1. If the pumps make an irritating humming noise, this will probably cease if you hit them hard with a sledgehammer.

  2. That little well house (Monique's) is very charming! We live on the outskirts of a very small village and everyone in the village has their own well, or share a well with someone. We just have a cement slab that lies flat on top of the well, the same height as the ground. -Jenn

    1. Paul is quite miffed that our well was sold.

  3. It looks such a lovely peaceful place - quite a change from Ilkley.