13 April 2018

Hot Cross Bun and a Black Eye

I have just got home with Rick after his early morning walk.  He was very good this morning, he was pretending to be a bloodhound and was in full snuffle mode, sniffing every single blade of grass and ignoring the traffic.

Paul has taken the car to the garage for some new tyres.  I have taken advantage of his absence and toasted the single, remaining hot cross bun that was languishing in the freezer.  It was wicked.  I couldn't share it with Rick either because raisins and sultanas are toxic to dogs.  I have carefully planned all our meals for the next week to ensure the freezer will be empty before we leave next weekend.  I think we may be eating a great deal of lamb curry.

Paul woke up with a black eye this morning.  No, I haven’t been fighting with him.  He has a habit of vigorously rubbing his eyes when he is tired and I am sure this is the cause of the bruising.  He looks like a proper ruffian.


  1. Give Paul a punch in the other eye when he comes in - then he'll have matching eyes and you can refer to him as The Giant Panda. He will need bamboo shoots for lunch.

    1. He's not happy, he's just found out about me eating the last hot cross bun.

  2. Come on; admit it. You were fighting over that last bun!

  3. I did not know that raisins and sultanas are toxic to dogs! I have learnt something new.
    Greetings Maria x