9 September 2016


Yesterday we had lunch at a favourite restaurant (the Privilege) in Monpazier.  This is another bastide town but much more touristy than our local Villefranche.  It was founded in 1284 by King Edward I of England and in 1594 was one of the sites of the Peasants Revolt. The central Place des Cornières is surrounded by medieval and seventeenth-century houses with the ground floor forming the arches of an arcade.

Unusually, all of Monpazier’s houses were originally exactly the same size and separated from one another by narrow side alleys to prevent the spread of fire.

 After lunch we played tourist and wandered around the arcades.  It was a good day out.

I couldn't resist a little bit of shopping


  1. I have been here. In about 1975. It doesn't look like it has changed very much.

  2. The leader of that Peasant's revolt was 'put to death' in the square. I believe he was pulled apart. Beautiful town; we're lucky to have it so close. I've taken note of 'The Privilege', I wonder if that's the one we go to? I must go again when things calm a bit more; although your pictures make it look reasonably quiet.

  3. It's the one on your left hand side as you go under the arch - with the little courtyard. Wonderful food. It was market day but we still managed to park and it was pretty quiet in the afternoon.