20 September 2016


wonderful grapes this year

This morning we cycled.  Our last ride will be tomorrow and then the lycra and the bikes will be packed away until next year.  I will no longer be able to regale you with tales of cycling but just wait until I get on that surf board!  This morning we once again met the jogger with his uncontrolled and ill mannered dogs; fortunately they were more intent on chasing a car today than trying to savage two cyclists.  

Paul pruning the wisteria
In preparation for our imminent departure Paul has been pruning anything that moves in the garden.  The climbing roses have been cut right back and the barn looks very stark.  The wisteria has also been pruned and it’s rather sad to see the flowers scattered across the gravel.  But this treatment will ensure an abundance of flowers next Spring.



I rescued some of the roses, they have been given a reprieve for a few days.

autumn crocuses


  1. I've already hacked back my Wisteria 4 times this year, and it still needs doing again. Yes, plenty of grapes here too.

    1. I'm not sure where the wisteria would end up if it wasn't cut back.

  2. Now we want to see pictures of you on that surf board! You've promised us Sue!
    What a beautiful place you have there, plenty of work no doubt, but worthwhile.
    Greetings Maria x

  3. What a lovely house and garden Sue. You must be sad to leave it.

    1. Thank you Pat. It is hard to leave but it's always a thrill to come back in the spring.