25 November 2017

Flying the Flag

It is freezing cold outside today, early this morning Rick jumped on the bed (he has never done this before) and tried to get under the duvet with us.  Paul is making tomato and lentil soup for lunch, just the thing for a wintry day.  Kat is on her way from Brize Norton to spend the weekend at home, she enjoys her home comforts.

There are hardly any leaves left on the trees outside now and I can see clearly into my neighbours’ gardens.  The house opposite has got a Union Jack flag flying.  This practice of flag flying seems to be coming more widespread but I’m not sure I understand why people want to do this unless they live in a castle or a stately home.  Is it just a statement to say I’m British and proud of it?  I’m British but I wouldn’t dream of sticking a flagpole in my garden and hoisting the Union Jack.  There again I spend half the year living abroad so perhaps I’m not qualified to pass comment. Maybe it’s connected to this recent upsurge in nationalism in the country.

(In Denmark it is illegal to fly a foreign flag unless it is put up next to a Danish one.)


  1. We flew our Union Flag on the 70th of The Queen & The Duke! I don't suppose that anyone in our village knew the significance (incuding those from the UK) but so what. They probably thought it was for some rugby game. Hope nothing happens in the near future as it is where our lit up Xmas tree goes next week end.

  2. I once heard that flag being referred to as the the Butcher's Apron and after witnessing the actions of its troops many years ago I then knew why.

  3. No reason why people shouldn't fly the flag if they want to. I see quite a few and my brother has a flag pole and flies whatever flag he wants, and sometimes if he has visitors from the US he flies the Stars and Stripes. He is pretty much a salt of the earth type person who wouldn't harm a fly and helps everyone who comes his way so I guess it is best not to read too much into it.

  4. My friend flies flags - Happy Birthday is one, Yorkshire Rose another, Union Jack - you name it, she has many.

  5. I am so proud to be British that my underpants have a Union Jack design. When they are out on the washing line the lady next door stands to attention.

  6. It was a big leaf-dropping day here yesterday. I hear that 'Thanksgiving' is beginning to be celebrated in the UK (gawd knows why), so maybe the Brits are now following the US idea of flag-flying as well. I have a big Union Flag here, which is often draped beside the TV set during important Rugby matches!

    1. -3 C here this morning.... I don't really want to go out.