17 April 2016

Myrtille's Water

Myrtille is the latest addition to my garden.  She is a blueberry bush which I intend to pot grow on the patio and I hope will provide me with an abundance of blueberries during the summer.  

Blueberries are very fussy about soil acidity and they will not grow well if planted in the wrong type of soil so as the pH is high in the garden soil I have planted her in special acidic soil.  They do not respond well to tap water so I was wondering how I would keep the soil moist during the summer.  We do not have a water butt (I don’t like the idea of stagnant water near to the house) but last night it rained and I collected 12 litres of water that I will store in the barn.  During any summer drought periods I shall be able to use Myrtille’s special rainwater. It will probably rain all summer now! 
Monsieur Lezard keeping a close eye on proceedings.

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