24 April 2016

A Cold Front

Meteo France promised me a ‘soleil’ day but it’s freezing cold with a northerly wind and hardly a glimmer of sunshine.  I think the lizards have crawled back into hibernation. This time last year we were lounging around outside in glorious sunshine.

On Friday we visited the local nursery and bought our summer’s supply of geraniums and petunias.  Geraniums in France are a bit of a cliché but they add some welcome colour to the abundance of stone in the courtyard.  In previous years Paul has potted them up straightaway but with this cold and inclement weather he has brought them temporarily indoors.  He has even rigged up a Heath Robinson reflector contraption to make sure they get enough light.

In the meantime I am staying put in front of the log fire, glass of wine in hand and trying to resist the temptation of a large bar of chocolate.


  1. No,just comfy slipper booties. Not very elegant but very warm!

  2. Hello Sue. I didn't know you had a blog page! I was interested to read about the strange well thingy at Labastide. I know it well as my friend Danny previously owned the house there with the tall tower, and I passed the strange object often.

    I rather rashly recently planted out all my aubergines, peppers, chillies, courgettes, etc, then spent much of yesterday covering them 'just in case'. I think we'll be OK.