18 April 2016

Feathered Friends

When I visit my daughter in Australia it is quite common place to see the colourful rainbow lorikeets foraging on the flowers in shrubs and trees and the crazy white cockatoos doing their acrobatics on the telegraph wires. 

In France our regular feathered visitors comprise the usual gang of birds including nuthatches, tits, doves, woodpeckers, swallows, finches, buzzards and sparrowhawks. Not forgetting our resident white barn owls that have lived in the pigeon tower since we arrived here 17 years ago.  When we got back here in April this year I was quite thrilled to see a pair of hoopoes strutting about our courtyard.  They are quite an exotic looking bird with their long pinkish-brown crests which they raise when excited.

But yesterday I was even more amazed by a very colourful visitor.

“There’s a parrot on the nut feeder!”
“I expect it’s a woodpecker.”
“No, it’s got bright green feathers and a red face.”
“Definitely a green woodpecker.”
“It’s got a blue tail feather...”
“Good grief it’s a parrot!”

Turned out to be a rosy faced lovebird!  Hasn’t been back today so I’m hoping he’s gone home to his sweet heart.

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