3 July 2017

In The Garden

This afternoon the sun came out so I went outside to do some work in the garden.  I donned my goggles, long apron and boots to do some strimming, Rick took one look at me and ran off to hide behind the barn.  That happens to me a lot with men.

The blueberries are just starting to change colour.  I shall have to cover the bush in a net soon to keep the birds away.
pretty weeds at the side of the potager

tomatoes just starting to ripen
The dulcet tones of the cement mixer rang out this afternoon as Paul started his latest project.  He is extending the steps to make it easier for Rick to bound up and down. 

I like the co-ordinating cap and t-shirt
And I can't seem to do a blog these days without featuring a certain dog...


  1. I honestly don't know what strimming is! Looks great though!

    1. A Weed Whacker? Grass trimmer with nylon string. We call them Strimmers.

  2. Rick did the right thing. Dogs and strimmers do not mix.

  3. I'm not allowed to use power tools or sharp knives. Kind of limits my activities.

  4. Your garden looks beautiful. And I love when you blog and post pics of dear Rick!

  5. Ripening Tomatoes? I'm jealous. However, I did have a good picking of Beans yesterday.