14 December 2016

Hong Kong

Here we are in Hong Kong after a nine hour flight (and two hour delay).  Buddy came with us to the airport and waved goodbye.  Needless to say I was in pieces.

We have just been down to eat in the hotel restaurant, a wonderful buffet.  I was a bit puzzled why everything looked so blurred and I needed my reading glasses to see what I was eating.  I think it is probably the result of watching three in-flight films, one after the other, on a very small screen and hopefully my ‘normal’ vision will be restored after a night’s sleep.

Shall I talk about the buffet or the films?   Okay, food first. The seafood on offer was amazing but I’m always a bit wary of eating shell fish before a flight.  But I did allow myself some crab and prawns.  The trouble with buffets is that I want to eat everything so I end up with a disgusting medley of unrelated food items on my plate.  I also had fun with the chocolate fountain.  Paul had to drag me away in the end.

The films on the plane helped me through the flight.  I started off with Florence Foster Jenkins, the real life story of an heiress/socialite considered to be the worst singer ever.  Meryl Streep was perfectly cast and it was very funny and rather sad.  Then I watched Joy (Jennifer Lawrence) another biopic of a woman who invented a new mop, and finally Me Before You about a kooky girl who forms an unlikely bond with a recently-paralyzed man.  I’m rambling on a bit now and my brain has gone fuzzy. I’ve been up since 5.00 a.m. and it’s now only half eight but that would be half eleven in Sydney so I’m going to sleep now. Leaving here midday tomorrow for a thirteen hour flight back to Heathrow.  That’s a lot of films.
Temple God


  1. Leaving Buddy would be so hard!

    Paul would have had to drag me away from that fountain, too. It looks amazing!

    Keep enjoying the films and sleeping when you can. You'll be home in no time! :)

  2. You write about France,Australia,Hong Kong and soon England,and all that time i sit here and read blogs:)

  3. Not long now before you're home. Safe journey.

  4. Buddy slept on your bed last night. He says he'll skype you when you're back home. Hope the second leg of the journey goes well. We miss you.

  5. I was just saying last night that all those Chocolate Fountains have now been banished to the loft. Looks like I was wrong.