13 July 2016

Windy Day

The competitors in the Tour de France had a tough job today down in the south coastal area of France, the wind was blowing so hard that a couple of cyclists were blown clean off their bikes.  They were all having to struggle against crosswinds for the whole stage.  Paul and I chose not to go out riding today, far too windy.  However, the weather didn’t stop young Tomas.  

Tomas and his young sister, Amelie, are spending their annual summer holiday with their parents in a rented gite in the hamlet.  They come from Lille and are regular visitors.  Philippe loans an old bicycle to Tomas and he spends hours just pedalling up and down the lane.  Amelie is six years old and has cerebral palsy.  She gets about using a wheeled frame and will probably never know the joys of riding a bicycle.  It doesn’t stop her enjoying her holiday; she is a happy, gregarious little girl.

This quiet little hamlet comes alive at this time of the year.  The Escalier’s grandchildren (twins) have come to stay at the farmhouse.  They are around three years old and have got a new toy -  a motorised fire engine.  Madame Escalier is kept busy trying to keep up with them as they chug up and down the lane, taking care not to collide with young Tomas.  Happy holidays.


  1. All those shuttered houses suddenly have the shutters opened again. Even here we shall soon have an extra 7 children and 5 adults. CHAOS.

  2. You should have just taken your umbrella with you - could have invented a new sport of bicycleumbrellasailing!