18 June 2016

Ground Control to Major Tom

I’m watching Tim Peake’s return to earth live and I’m feeling really anxious.  He’s due to land in about half an hour.  
“Why are you anxious you silly woman?”
“He might crash, or his capsule could disintegrate, I can’t bear to watch.”
“But you don’t even know Tim Peake.”
“He’s got a family, I can imagine how his wife is feeling.”

My husband should know me better.  I get anxious about everything – Andy Murray playing tennis, the Referendum, the weather forecast, finding a suitable vegetable for John Gray’s competition. I have just spent half an hour trying to do something artful with a pile of strawberries and a courgette.  Nothing doing.

“He’s just gone over Egypt.”
“Capsule’s just separated.”
“Is that good?”
“Two minutes until re-entry.”
“Command to open parachutes.”
“They are going to jump out?”
“No, the parachutes are attached to the capsule.”
“I knew that really.”
“They’ve got a visual – parachutes are deployed.”
“Is he down?”
“He’s down.”

He had a smoother landing than the one I had after four attempts in Madeira. Now, I wonder if I could make a space rocket out of a courgette....


  1. I wathced too (Sky News),and being also anxious about every thing i almost shut the TV.

    1. Sometimes I can't bear to watch things so I leave the room until it's all over.

  2. Totally opposite conversation to the one me and P had about it which was accompanied by whoops of laughter from me. I think I may have been pissed.

    The courgette looks like it could be a beached whale if you give it a spout.

    1. Were you really pissed at 10.00 in the morning? I like the beached whale idea but it could get messy doing the spout.

    2. I was watching it on the news in the evening... 10am in a little early even for me..

  3. I was worried about the astronaut on the right (in picture), he seemed so miserable. At least Peake was smiling.

    1. He was probably bored, this was his sixth landing.

  4. I love your sense of humour Sue!
    Greetings Maria x

  5. This really made me laugh Sue. I too am getting anxious about that vegetable competition - I have promised
    to enter this year and my mind has just gone blank. I shall wander round Tesco for inspiration.

    1. Does John Gray know what angst he has caused us?