26 June 2016

Bat in a Bay Tree

Bat in a bay tree

I’ve just been sweeping bat poo off the steps.  That’s the problem when you share your house with critters.  The bats are currently roosting above the entrance door at the top of the steps and making a bit of a mess.  Usually they take up residence behind the shutters and are easy to move on.  I once found a baby bat crawling across the bedroom floor early one morning.  We managed to move it back to a window ledge and the mother immediately flew in and covered her young.  They stayed on the window ledge behind the shutter all day but were gone by nightfall.

Earlier I went for a wander around the garden.  Monique’s triffid has grown even taller.  It’s Mullein and grows everywhere round here like a weed but this one really is a very impressive specimen.  I almost fell over a sheep’s skull, it lay on the grass grinning at me.  I expect it was deposited there by one of Philippe’s dogs.

I took a snap of my folly only to discover afterwards it had been photo bombed by a manically smiling husband.  He was taking the postbox down to give it a new coat of paint.

The fernery is looking very healthy, I think the plants like the warm, humid air.

Can't go without giving these little guys a mention.  Wonder when they will turn blue. 

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  1. I could have written your first few sentences myself. At the barn, up the steps, right in front of the front door, it's littered with bat droppings that we have to sweep every day.