7 June 2016

Cooking with Susan

For lunch today we had Sardine Bruschetta with onion marmalade and salsa verde.  Okay, yes, it's just glorified sardines on toast but the 'glorious' part - the onion marmalade and salsa verde - make it just that little bit special.

who needs a food processor

It's really easy.  Slice an onion and while that is simmering away to make marmalade I make the salsa verde.  I don't mess around with a food processor (too much washing up), I just chop the herbs (today I used flat parsley, oregano and lemon thyme)

and stick them in my tupperware pot with a crushed garlic, some olive oil and white wine vinegar and give it all a good shake.

Any unused dressing stays in the tupperware pot and goes in the fridge. 

Then it's just a case of grilling some crusty bread and opening a tin of sardines in tomato sauce.  Smother the bread with the onion marmalade, lay the sardines on top, splash the salsa verde over and serve on a bed of lettuce.   Voilal!

Crikey that looks disgusting! Tasted better than it looks!
Paul wants to know why the camera is covered in parsley and olive oil...


  1. Not using the 'flavour shaker' anymore then?

  2. That is really adventurous and looks delicious. Unfortunately the farmer hates sardines.

    1. A lot of people don't like sardines.