1 January 2018

Happy Ending

What’s that noise, is it the washing machine?
Why would I have the washing machine running on New Year’s Eve?
It’s coming from the kitchen.
I think it’s a helicopter.
Why is there a helicopter in my kitchen?
It’s not, it’s hovering outside.

Rick could certainly hear a strange noise, cocking his head from side to side.  It was late evening and the noise persisted. Paul opened the window and sure enough we could see a police helicopter hovering above the estate.  Just at that moment a firework exploded nearby and poor Rick dived through our legs and went to hide in the bedroom.  The helicopter continued to circle the town for about half an hour.

It transpires that an eight year old boy had gone missing from his home, wearing only his pyjamas.  Half the town were out looking for him.  The other half were wondering, like us, what on earth was going on.  After a couple of hours the child was found safe and sound.  Well, he wasn’t actually found, he just went home by himself!

A happy ending to 2017!


  1. thank goodness for a happy ending!

  2. Perhaps he was looking for his left earring. His right earring is intact. A good news story to start the year.

  3. Parents must have been beside themselves - good it ended happily. Poor Rick with the fireworks = no one here sets them off at New Year's - it's too cold!

  4. Probably just been to the pub'.

  5. I'm so glad he returned home safe!