12 July 2019

Dog Talk

G’day Rick, how you doing mate?
Hey Buddy,you’re looking cool, I like your hoodie.
It’s not cool at all, that’s why I’m wearing the hoodie.  It’s only 19 degrees today and we’ve got some cold weather coming from the Antarctic.
Only 19 degrees?  That would be a heatwave over here.

the hood keeps my ears warm

So, what tricks have you been up to Ricky?
Not much.  I led my mum a merry dance this morning chasing the milkman round the village.
Makes a change from the postman.
Good on ya!
Where are you Buddy?
Happy hour at my local.  They know me here, I’ve got my own bowl and the punters feed me treats. They fall for the puppy dog eyes every time.
I see we managed to thrash you at cricket.
Strewth mate, we’ll get you next time.  You watching the Wimbledon?
No, my humans like to watch the cycling.  I was pounding my paws on the table with them yesterday watching big G make that last climb.  Barked a bit too for added effect.
Got to go now Rick, good to speak to you. Get yourself a hair cut, you look like a Sheila.
Bye Buddy, don’t spill any beer down that posh outfit.

my latest girlfriend, Fifi


  1. Go steady with those Aussies Rick - plenty of Brit girls and boys around.

  2. I shall be glad when Wimbledon's over. A certain person wants to watch Nadal, whilst I want to see the last 15 mins of each stage of the tour. There could be a fight!

  3. Poor Rick - what an insult - a Sheila indeed !
    Looks as though Buddy has fallen on his feet - a girlfriend with her very own pad. That's real style !