18 March 2017


It’s siesta time and we are back in our hotel room after a morning’s wander around the city.  There is some magnificent architecture, we started off at the palatial buildings of the Plaza de Espana and then drifted through the old streets in the vicinity of Alcazar and the cathedral.  We spent a lot of time dodging tour groups, horse and carriages, Segways and bicycles.  Every street corner had the usual tourist shop where you could buy a plastic fan or a polyester flamenco dress.

we decided not to join the lengthy queue for access to the Alacazar

We eventually managed to find our way off the tourist track and enjoyed a leisurely lunch of vino tinto and tapas in a street cafe. 

Tonight we are going to see some flamenco which I am really looking forward to but I guess you have to spend more than a couple of days in this city to discover the real Seville.

Spanish hen party

some amazing architecture


  1. Looks good although I have to say I am not exactly feeling it in your writing. Find the railway station and the real Seville around it. Most the tourists wouldn't go there; only people like me!

    1. I enjoyed it more once we escaped the tourist groups but the city is so big and noisy! I'm missing Salamanca.

  2. The pretty shoes remind me of Sarah...
    Greetings Maria x

  3. Tourists ruin everything, but we only realise it when we're there as tourists ourselves. It's a very long time since I was there, but I remember the stunning architecture, and some wonderful restaurants.

  4. We spent four or five days in Seville, in June 1970, I think, and really didn't even scratch the surface, there was so much to see. I do remember the temperature was around mid 40º's most of the time ! At the Alcazar we just went straight up to the ticket office, paid (pesetas in those days!) and walked in. Seeing the queue, I wonder if they are now limiting the number of tourists allowed in, as they are at the Alhambra in Granada?
    We also spent a very pleasant afternoon on the river, on what could only be described as a floating conservatory - a good way to see Seville from a different perspective.