22 March 2017


When we fell out of the restaurant in Frigiliana (Paul was sober because he was driving) we stumbled across a blue painted door advertising peep-shows and a Harem Fantastico.  Paul could not resist and searched his purse for the 50 cent pieces to insert into the various slot machines and peep-holes installed in the door.  Alas he only had 20 cent pieces but they worked just as well!  He had great fun watching El Milagro de La Vida (The Wonder of Life), La Esfera Mágica de Cristal (The Magic Crystal) and La Maravillosa Vista al Mar (The Marvellous Sea View).  He saved the best until last - the Harem Fantastico!

On a more refined note I discovered a small studio and gallery tucked away in the upper part of Frigiliana.  I have huge respect for accomplished water colourists, it’s such a tricky medium to get right.  German artist Klaus Hinkel renovated the ancient building that is now his home and studio some twenty years ago.  He is a successful artist and runs painting courses here twice a year.  After chatting to him and admiring his paintings I was very tempted to sign up for a course, it would be such a joy painting in that tranquil environment.  I bought a calendar featuring his recent works and some postcards; after admiring the donkey painting on display he also kindly gave me a 2016 edition which featured the donkey.


  1. Now there's an idea - paint our door blue and have a few peep shows ! Wonder if we'd make our fortune?
    I love watercolour painting, and agree with you that it's a very tricky medium to master, but great fun practising. How good of him to give you the donkey calendar, will you spend some time this summer, trying his style - it looks very relaxed.

  2. It would be a lovely thing for you to do, go on one of his courses (even though you are an accomplished artist already). Art courses in convivial surroundings can be great fun.

  3. Thank you for taking us on this tour with you Sue. Your photos are beautiful - I like the white and blue in them.
    Greetings Maria x

  4. His work is so like the photos that you had of the village yesterday. The sky, roofs and white walls and even the donkeys just my idea of Spain.