Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Blue String Hill

“You made hard work of that hill this morning.”
“I was going my usual pace, you were just going faster.”
“I was putting some effort in, that’s all.”
“Well I was trying to put some effort in too, and I was being creative and making up a song, do you want to hear it?”
“Not really.”

My wheels are a-spinning
My tyres are a-singing
As I struggle up Blue String Hill.
I’m pedalling like crazy
No chance of being lazy
If I don’t want to be on my bill...

“Just stop right there you daft woman and keep up with me.  And don’t go through any puddles, I washed your bike yesterday.”

I resisted temptation and missed out on whizzing through the puddles. Not like me at all to do what I’m told.

(NB:  I christened this particular climb Blue String Hill after some baler twine unravelled for miles along the road a couple of years back.  You can still see the blue twine embedded in the tarmac.)


  1. You make your bike rides sound like great fun!

    1. Fun going down hill and through puddles, not fun doing steep climbs.

  2. You remind me of the bike scene in Butch Cassidy.

    1. I might have cycled a bit quicker if Butch Cassidy had been ahead of me.

  3. Well, I would have definitely ridden through the puddles, after the way he dismissed your song !

  4. I never knew that Paul was a songwriter. He should get together with Andrew Lloyd Webber. They could make beautiful music together.

  5. If you should spot some blue (aquamarine) paint all over the tarmac at Leclerc car park, it was a friend of mine. She bought a tin and the top came off.

    I shall now have to look for your blue string.

    1. Reminds me of some blue people walking into A&E, they had been in a car crash (not badly hurt luckily) with tins of paint in the back of the vehicle.