Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Nasty, slimy slugs

The basil in the vegepod is doing well but those pesky slugs are eating the leaves.  Paul went outside with a torch last night and discovered the nasty, slimy critters munching away.  Back home in France we scatter slug pellets around to keep them at bay but Sarah forbids the use of any poisons in her vegan garden.  Paul decided he would buy some sharp sand to put around the base of the plant to deter the slugs.  So we hopped on a bus to Mosman to visit the hardware store.

Incongruously positioned between two designer boutiques in the heart of trendy, upmarket Mosman this traditional hardware store is crammed full with everything you could ever want, except for sharp sand.  The shopkeeper was very helpful but seemed a bit bemused when we explained what we wanted it for.

On the way back to the bus stop we passed a shoe shop.  Paul has been looking for a pair of casual lace up shoes to wear with shorts.  He saw a pair that caught his eye and headed inside to try them on.  They were very nice but when he saw the $300 price tag he went quite pale and suddenly decided he didn’t like them at all.  

When we got back home we noticed an aquarium shop opposite the bus stop.  Aquarium grit is going to work just as well as sharp sand and it only cost four dollars.

Head Gardener

Tuesday, 25 October 2016


Willoughby Creek

Today Buddy explored some new territory.  Paul drove the Ute over to Primrose Park and then we walked alongside Willoughby Creek as far as Folly Point.  It was a very pleasant expedition, quiet and not too many other people or dogs about.

Buddy behaved impeccably, trotting along the path on his lead and stopping occasionally to check out those delightful scents.  I tried to take some nice, scenic photographs but it was a little tricky wielding a camera in one hand, a bag of dog poo in the other and trying not to trip over tree roots.

Buddy behaved impeccably - " Come back you little ....."
Folly Point

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Postcard from India

Sarah and Andy are spending the final week of their holiday in India volunteering with Wildlife SOS.  These are a few snapshots of their tour.

"Our first day has involved walking with elephants, preparing food for elephants, and helping to wash the elephants. Truly magnificent creatures rescued from cruelty. We've also met some wonderful sloth bears saved from the dancing bear trade. Wildlife SOS are doing incredible work, and we feel very privileged to be here."
sloth bears

hallowe'en pumpkin, eaten in a single mouthful
bath time

just taking an elephant for a walk

the classic tourist pose
picnic in the middle of the river

Saturday, 22 October 2016

The Cotton Thief

Dave Brown preparing cocktails

Last night we went for drinks at a local bar called The Cotton Thief.  I love the atmosphere in this small, dark and dingy bar (the lighting is very flattering).  Rusty pots and pans hang overhead and one wall is adorned with a painting of clothes hanging on a line.  The owner, Dave Brown, is proud of his convict heritage.  In 1821 his great, great, great grandfather was shipped off to New South Wales from England after stealing garments off the washing line of a London housewife.  He was the Cotton Thief.

The bar is noisy and popular with the young and trendy in Cremorne (we were accompanied by two young and trendy friends so they did let Paul and me in).  They have a huge range of cocktails but after previously making the mistake of ordering a martini that nearly blew our heads off we played safe with a chilled glass of Prosecco.  Several drinks later we staggered back down the road to the Sushi Train.  A decadent evening out.  Tonight I'm staying in with whisky, chocolate, film and my very own Cookie Thief - Buddy!

eclectic bar decor (or in Paul's words "What the ....")

Friday, 21 October 2016

Smokey and the Buddy

Our plans to take Buddy down to Cremorne Point this morning were thwarted when we awoke to a Sydney blanketed in smoke.  The NSW Rural Fire Service was taking advantage of favourable weather conditions to carry out a number of hazard-reduction burns around the city resulting in rather unpleasant conditions for residents.  However, a few hours of smoky atmosphere is a lot better than uncontrollable fires burning across the landscape and consuming hundreds of homes.  Reducing the level of bush means that the intensity of any fire outbreak is lower and easier to contain.

The 2013 New South Wales bushfires were the worst in decades, destroying 248 homes and burning out most of the northern region of the Blue Mountains National Park.

So today we headed for Sirius Cove where the sea breeze had mostly dispersed the smoke.  Buddy and his furry friends didn’t seem to mind too much.