Friday, 2 December 2016

Please Speak Quietly

Please speak quietly.  I am feeling somewhat fragile this morning.  Yesterday I drank far too much wine.  We opened the case of Foxground 2013 that we bought last weekend from the Crooked Valley Winery.  This red Cabernet Shiraz is one of my most favourite wines in the world. I just couldn’t resist that extra glass (or two) last night.

This morning I am paying the price.  (Tonight Sarah and Andy are hosting a Mexican theme dinner party; is there somewhere I can hide?).



It’s hot. Sydney is sweltering under a heatwave with temperatures in the 30’s today.  We took Buddy out early this morning but we have now crept back indoors where it is still cool.  It was too hot to eat lunch outside, even in the shade.  I made some olive tapenade that we ate with fresh crusty bread washed down by some red wine.  Important to drink plenty in this heat!

It would be pleasant swimming in the sea today but travelling to a nearby beach by public transport is not that great when it’s this hot.  So we are having a lazy day, eating, reading, snoozing and spying on the neighbours.

The two bedroom garden apartment next door was sold at auction last weekend. The owners had evicted the tenants and then paid a company to come in and ‘dress’ the property prior to the open day viewings in order to get top dollar.   Show home designer pieces were carried into the apartment and some expensive contemporary art fixed to the walls. Gardeners came and transformed the grounds. (It’s amazing what you can see through the gap in a fence.) It must have worked because the property sold for about 1.5 million (Aussie dollars).  Today a van arrived and removed all those fancy designer pieces.

Chilli for dinner tonight.  We found one pre-cooked in the freezer! 

Thursday, 1 December 2016

The Men In My Life

Paul has had a bad back ever since we arrived in Oz.  It might have been due to the long flight or the fact that he thinks he can climb trees or clamber up ladders like a ten year old. He adopts this position in the afternoon to get some relief from the pain while listening to the likes of Donna Summer or Alicia Keys.

Buddy is not too keen on the music

I'm a sucker for big brown eyes


Last night Sarah was on the telephone to her bank while I was speaking to Paul and she apologised for the disturbance saying “it’s just background noise”.  I’ve never been called that before.


Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Destination Paradise

Well, it wasn’t exactly destination paradise.  We arrived at the riverside site late evening and the kookaburras cackled with laughter as they watched us set up camp in the dark.  It took us an hour to work out how to turn the van seats into a double bed.  The toilets were about a mile away and you had to memorise a five digit number to gain entrance.  I wrote the number on my hand but forgot to take my reading glasses with me.

riverside campsite

Saturday dawned bright and sunny and we drove to Berry, a pretty country town with attractive heritage buildings.  We had a late breakfast, Sarah and I explored the shops while Paul waited patiently outside with the dog.  

Buddy barked at every dog he met including the ‘collection dog’ for Guide Dogs for the Blind.   

Then back to Seven Mile for a walk and a paddle along the windswept beach.

The Bearded One joined us for camp supper on Saturday.  Sarah carefully defrosted and stirred the vegan chilli that Paul had prepared earlier in the week.  

“Why are there leaves in this chilli?”
“Must be falling down from the eucalyptus tree.”
Sarah plucked them out and tossed them to the ground. 
“Why are there mushrooms in the chilli?” asked the Bearded One.
“Dammit, this is my vegan bourguignon that I made for a special dinner party and those leaves are bayleaves!”

Oops, bad parents had taken the wrong box out of the freezer.  It was very nice bourguignon.

Sunday we went to the Crooked River Winery for lunch and wine tasting.  Their red wines are sublime.  I got a bit carried away with the tasting and was pissed before I even sat down to eat.  The restaurant had prepared a dog friendly table for us on the verandah. 

It would have been delightful on a warm, sunny day but sadly the weather was cool and blowing a gale.  At least Buddy was happy.  And the specially prepared vegan food was delicious.

Sarah looking like the French Lieutenant's Woman

The sun was back out on Monday so we headed back to the beach.  Sarah was keen to get out with her board so I braved the rough surf and rogue sharks and had a jolly time with my body board.  

No, not paradise but I know how incredibly lucky I am to still be able to do stuff like this.  Thank you Sarah for trying so hard to make it perfect for us, you are a star. (And thank you Bearded One for bringing beer down to the beach.)