Saturday, 23 April 2016

Multi Tasking

There was a storm this afternoon - thunder, lightening, very, very frightening.  Unable to get outside to do any gardening I decided to use the time to dye my eyebrows.  I am very  blonde/grey and I like a little definition so that people can actually see when I raise a quizzical eyebrow.  I’m not after a scouse brow but I find that I need to leave the dye on a bit longer than the prescribed 10 minutes to get any effect.

So while my brows were ‘cooking’ I decided to do some upholstery work. This is an old bedroom chair that I am re-covering, first with calico and then some plush damask.  It is very therapeutic stretching the fabric and tapping the tacks into place.  I lost track of time and suddenly realised that an hour had gone by since I put the dye on my brows.

For godsake they’re not even a matching pair! I may have to wear a hat for a week or two.


  1. I find my eyebrows (and other facial hair) are dark until I get the tweezers out, adjust my glasses, the magnifying mirror and the anglepoise by which time the strays have turned white to seethrough.

  2. A hat won't cover your eyebrows, you wear it on top of your head not over your face. Take it from me, a hat wearer.