Friday, 22 April 2016


I can't think of anything to write today so I shall introduce you to my two favourite animals who come visiting.  Diane is a scruffy looking hound who belongs to our French neighbour.  She sits at the door until we cave in and give her a doggy treat.  She rarely barks but loves to howl if she gets the scent of a deer or wild boar. Some days she will ignore us, other days she will not leave our side.  Like many local dogs she runs free and can cause chaos on the roads when she chooses to follow us on our bikes.

Then there is Praline the donkey.  She belongs to the farmer and grazes in the field adjoining our property.  She demands carrots on a regular basis by braying loudly.  The noise of a braying donkey is incredible, just like a foghorn and always makes me laugh.

Have you got some biscuits for me?


  1. I like the look of her eyes, may be she has more things to ask,that we don't understand.All those freindly French animals, it is so nice.

  2. Diane is a strange name for a dog. I have a friend who has a cat called Peter. I think that is a peculiar name for a cat.

    1. I know a female cat called Brian. And a horse called Malcolm.

  3. We call a neighbour's dog Scrappie and he is always out and about, but limping. I have to shut our gate for our dog's security but would love to give Scrappie a bath, Advantix and a good meal!

  4. I know what you mean about the Advantix and bath!